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Duke Dumont’s 6 Golden Rules for Producers


Producer and DJ Duke Dumont shares with In the Mix 6 golden rules for being a successful producer.

Does your favorite DJ follow these rules? Do you? Study up, 'cause Duke Dumont is dropping knowledge.

This article originally appeared on In the Mix

Few producers are as versatile as Duke Dumont. Dance music’s accidental hitmaker has a stack of chart-topping singles to his name – like Ocean Drive, Need U 100% and I Got U – but he’s also just as good at crafting heads-down house music with no radio aspirations.

This week Dumont will release For Club Play Only Part 4, a new EP full of tracks made purely to DJ with. To welcome the new EP into the world, the studio gun wrote this Guest Editorial for inthemix. Abide by these golden rules for producers, and you could be burning up dancefloors just like Duke in no time.

#1 Success by numbers

My process is to create three unfinished ideas a day and put them into a folder. At the end of the week I listen to the demos, and put the good ones into another folder. At the end of the month, put the best ones into the ‘To Finish’ folder.

Time is always the best judge. I started Ocean Drive three or four years ago, and the initial demo always remained in the ‘To Finish’ folder. I’m limited for time because of touring, but because of this method, I have around 30-40 demos sitting in the ‘To Finish’ folder.

#2 Think about your sound palette

Be precious about the sounds you use. You don’t have to use the same sounds on every track – I search for sounds high and low, and make my own.

#3 Aim to make better songs than the ones you play in your sets

This is the hardest thing to achieve, and to be honest it’s sometimes unachievable. I’m resigned to the fact there are certain songs I love that I will never make a better song than. But that doesn’t stop me from trying.


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