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Girls Found Unconscious In DVBBS' Dressing Room Demanding $360,000 In Damages


The women that were found unconscious in DVBB's dressing room after a performance in Hungary last month are seeking compensation in the amount of $360,000 dollars. It has not been confirmed whether the women were sexual assaulted.

This article originally appeared on Magnetic Mag

Among them was the teenage daughter of Hungarian TV host Bényi Ildikó

Nearly a month has passed since EDM duo DVBBS were apprehended following their performance at the festival Baloton Sound in Sziget, Hungary, but the aftermath of the incident still continues to unfold. It later came to light that three of the six girls seen in the brothers' dressing room had been found unconscious, and now word has surfaced that their lawyers are asking for 100,000 Hungarian forint from a number of parties, which is the rough equivalent of $360,000 USD.

According to a source who spoke to Hungarian media outlet Bors, DVBBS themselves are expected to reach a settlement with the girls outside of court. The remainder of the damages will likely be incurred by the promoters, whose insurance is expected to cover the loss - similarly to instances in which rock stars destroy hotel rooms on a promoter's dime

The source went on to reveal that investigators suspect sexual assault to have occurred on the evening in question, but speculate that an unknown perpetrator had been involved. In addition, they disclosed that one of the girls was the 18-year-old daughter of Hungarian television personality Bényi Ildikó.


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