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How To Turn Music Into Mental Health


Music has the power to affect our feelings and moods, and can even benefit our mental health. If you're feeling stressed or just need to mellow out, here's several methods for chillin' your vibe.

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Music can be an extremely useful force for mental healing and well-being (unless you have an addiction to Prurient.) And we all know how hard it is just to exist in this modern world of constant panic and information bombardment. With this in mind, we’ve gathered a few useful ideas to keep your brain fit, focused and considerably less panicked.

Brain.fm, a new AI-based software that embeds brainwave stimulation into sound, basically transforms your emotions into a self-actualized healing tool. With settings like “Focus” and “Relaxation”, you can lower your levels of anxiety, engage in distraction-free meditation or find the proper mindset for getting your work done. The program has also attracted the attention of researchers and neuroscientists, whose mathematical analysis has determined that certain neural pathways in the brain react almost exclusively to music of any sort; that means that using everything from techno to jazz can transform the way you think based on mood. With seven free sessions available in the software and a comprehensive progression chart available in the paid version, it’s an intriguing slice of technology that we’re curious to explore.

18 Hours Of Streamable Guided Meditations

A clear and healthy mind is something that should be free to everyone. Thankfully, it can be. Follow the link above to listen to 18 hours of streamable guided meditations that provide a full coverage of aura-friendly aurals—from chakra cleansing to secular sessions, you’ll find something to please any part of your aspect, physical or mental.


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