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Mark Savage, BBC Music reporter

What makes a festival 'superfan'?


A new survey by BBC and Eventbrite looks at the "superfan" - those music fans that attend at least four events a year. The survey revealed why these superfans attend multiple events a year and why they prefer the smaller more local festivals as opposed to the bigger corporate ones.

This article originally appeared on BBC

In total, 3.7 million people attend festivals in the UK every year GETTY IMAGES

Festivals in the UK are being bolstered by a band of dedicated superfans, according to new research.

They attend more than four events a year, spending more money than the average fan. Due to the cost of tickets and camping, they're usually in their 30s, with an average income of £45,000.

The survey, commissioned by ticketing website Eventbrite, had a small sample size (just 504 respondents), meaning its results may not be 100% accurate - but those hardcore fans definitely exist.

"I've never thought of myself as a superfan, but me, my family and friends can attend four or more festivals a year," says Rob Henderson. "I thought this was quite normal...

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