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How He Got His Start: deadmau5 Offers Advice to New Artists [VIDEO]

"Besides making music, how would you recommend promoting independently?"

When posed with this question by a fan during a livestream, Joel Zimmerman explained what he thinks is the best way to make an impression when you are starting out. First, he said, "you have to realize that you want to make music for people, not for the f*ckin' internet, not for blogs, not for all this other sh*t."

And while the advice he goes on to offer may sound "old school," as Joel says, it's good, solid advice. No number of email blasts and blog submissions can trump real, human-to-human connections in person.

"I would focus on being very offline... take in music and go to a f*ckin' nightclub, meet a DJ, go to a radio station... it's still old school as f*ck."

At the end of the day, if you really think someone should give you a shot... you have to get out, prove it and make it happen.

"Honestly, connections made in person are a million billion times more valuable than a f*ckin' spam link, email or a demo."

After using Sonny as an example, Joel goes on to explain exactly how he got noticed when he was first starting out.

"I got a minute so I'll give you my life story..."