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15 Things You Probably Wore If You Had A Mid 2000s Nu Rave Phase — PHOTOS


Bustle's Hatti Rex breaks down the essentials of mid-2000s rave style. Tell us if you rocked these rave looks or comment what you think's missing from the list!

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Although there have been many passing fads over the last decade, mid 2000s nu rave style was pretty much an unmissable favorite. The neon-fueled, indie-electro-loving subculture remixed elements of '80s synth and the ever-popular indie crowd with the original rave scene, warping everything together into one brightly-colored mess.

Most people who weren't directly involved with the movement should still remember aspects of the time when re-watching the first few seasons of Skins. The risqué teen TV show ripped off what was essentially a cultural joke with its glow sticks and wayfarers to create its own palatable interpretation. The episode in which Crystal Castles performed was basically the embodiment of what many might have assumed a nu rave club night looked like.

In reality, you would've been seeing familiar MySpace names behind the DJ decks while the ordinary people took to the dance floor alongside legitimate celebrities. Assuming, of course, that you were of legal drinking age. For me, my nu rave phase was more like necking a couple of alco-pops at my friend's house party while their parents were away.

Nu ravers rocked the most obnoxiously unforgettable looks, but these 15 key items are forever etched into my memory of the short-lived scene that died almost exactly a decade ago. Let's be honest: You probably owned at least half of them.

1. Headbands

Although headbands were a wardrobe staple for the nu raver, they didn't serve any functional purpose. Instead of keeping hair away from your eyes like they were supposed to, the accessories were placed around the head in a way that made your hair bunch up and your ears stick out. And yes, this a super old photo of fashion blogger Susie Bubble.

2. Hoods

Hoods and cowls were absolutely everywhere during this time. I'm not even sure how they managed to stay up with all that enthusiastic dancing. Hair clips, perhaps? ....

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