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Cole Zuckerman

Festival Essentials: Shuffle Like A Professional


You've seen them. The kids that are always keeping a beat to even the fastest tunes. But how do you actually learn how to shuffle?

Dance Music Northwest shares this handy guide to get your started.

This article originally appeared on Dance Music Northwest

People employ all sorts of different styles to tear up the dancefloor. Some prefer a choreographed routine with a group of friends. Others just let the music take them as they joyfully sway to the beat. But among the droves of happy dancers, you may have noticed one particular species of raver: The shuffler. Here we have a person who’s spend hours mastering the craft, perfecting the unique style to a tee. But even the best shufflers had to start somewhere. And that’s where we come in.

The most important part of learning how to shuffle is understanding that no two shuffles are alike. As you stomp, spin and slide across the dance floor remember that shuffling is all about personal expression and feeling the music. That being said, learn the basics here from your friends at Dance Music Northwest.

Read the step-by-step (literally) guide to shuffling by Cole Zuckerman at Dance Music Northwest

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