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EDM.com Spotlight

Rick Ross Talks About Another Skrillex Collab for New Project

In a recent interview with Billboard, Rick Ross revealed another Skrillex collaboration. Their first, "Purple Lamborgini," proved to be a hit and one of the top tracks from the Suicide Squad soundtrack, which received better reviews than the actual film itself.

"Shout out to my big homie Skrillex. I just spoke to him maybe a week or two ago, and we talking about our next collaboration for my project," he said in response to Billboard.

The Florida rapper is apparently inspired by Skrillex's production and the results of their combined sounds.

"I love how he took my heavy beat, heavy grimy sound, and he added that electricity in that chorus," he continued. "As soon as I heard, it I was like, that's it."

Ross is once again in the zone as he recently celebrated the platinum certification of his debut album Port of Miami (2006) and the continued success of his eighth studio album Black Market (2015).

Stay tuned for more on Ross' next collaboration with Skrillex.