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Afrojack Talks New Single 'Gone' & Evolving His Sound: 'I Don't Like Boxes'


Billboard's Gail Mitchell talks with Afrojack about his latest single and collab and how he thinks about his music and where it's going. Afrojack even shares his hip hop collab wish list.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

Afrojack has just folded his lithe, 6-foot-10 frame into a chair on the patio of a foliage-shrouded Chateau Marmont bungalow nestled high above the Sunset Strip. It’s a few days after the premiere of his pop/hip-hop/dance mash-up “Gone” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. The new track, released through Latiument/RCA Records, is the first salvo in the Dutch DJ/producer’s declaration that it’s time to do something different.

“I’ve been doing EDM for such a long time and using hip-hop sounds,” explains Afrojack, born Nick van de Wall. “I thought, wait, let me make a hip-hop song using EDM sounds. It was a new challenge for me.”

That’s just one of several projects keeping the Grammy Award-winning producer busy. Known for his international hit “Take Over Control,” Afrojack has since co-written and produced tracks for David Guetta (the No. 1 hits “Titanium” and “Hey Mama”), Madonna and others. In the following interview, Afrojack elaborates on dance crossing over into hip-hop and pop, his “awesome idea” with songwriter Ester Dean (Rihanna, Nicki Minaj) and why people shouldn’t be so quick to box him in.

How did the collaboration with Ty come together?

Back in February, we’d gone together to the Clive Davis pre-Grammy gala party. We just went into the studio to work on multiple things. For me, it’s always been about the crossover...

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