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German Law Says Berghain Techno Hedonism is High Culture


The crown jewel of the Berlin techno scene has recently become recognized as a place of "high culture" by the German government. This decision occurs simultaneously as Chicago nightclubs face similar tax impositions for not meeting city standards of "culture".

This article originally appeared on Electronic Beats

Have you ever felt that your multi-day party marathons in Berghain might be something more important than just pure hedonism?

If so, you’re in luck because the German government has just provided you with the justification you need to keep on keeping on. German magazine Der Spiegel is reporting that the Berlin club has just won a landmark legal case that defines its events as “high culture” in the eyes of the German government. All those comparisons to the Bayreuther Festspiele have finally come true!

This comes as the result of a prolonged legal battle between the club and the German tax authorities. The club was under threat of being subject to a higher tax bracket—a 19% entertainment tax compared to the 7% high culture tax.


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