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Devin Culham

Apashe Turns the Election on Its Head in New Video for 'F*** Boy' [NSFW]

Montreal-based producer Apashe is on a steady trajectory for an EDM takeover.

With the success of his tracks "No Twerk" and "I'm a Dragon", Apashe is bringing beat-heavy, booty-shaking tracks to dance floors everywhere.

Today, Apashe releases the video for his new single "Fuck Boy" which pokes fun at how ridiculous politics have become during the presidential election. The new video is a parody of Donald Trump and his wife Melania as they rally support for their political campaign. Speaking on the platform of more jobs, no taxes, and the promise of being rich and famous, this political parallel universe doesn't divert too far from reality.

At least until the stripping begins...

Be careful, this video is NSFW!

Don't forget to listen to the full length track!

You can catch Apashe on his upcoming North American tour!

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