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Zouk Nightclub Gets Accused of Hiring a Fake Marshmello

In a case of a 'giant misunderstanding', Zouk Nightclub in Singapore was recently accused of hiring a Marshmello imposter.

During one of the after parties from last weekend's Ultra Singapore, Zouk resident DJ Jade Rasif made some bold accusations that caught fire across the internet.

In a tweet that has since been deleted from Rasif's account, the resident accused Zouk Nightclub of hiring a fake Marshmello to perform. Marshmello responded to the original tweet, creating animosity from fans towards the famous nightclub.

Following these accusations, Zouk Nightclub gave an official response to the incident, saying that the mysterious Marshmello double was in fact an over-zealous fan.

We're gonna make a bold guess and say that DJ Jade Rasif probably isn't a resident after this outburst. Whoops!

H/T: Billboard