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The Bass Drop Gets a Make-Over in This Incredible Video [WATCH]

The bass drop is transformed in crazy different ways in this mind-blowing video for The Prototype's track "Transmission".

The UK-bass duo created a gnarly new video for "Transmission" that demonstrates the power that sound has to manipulate its surrounding environment. In particular, the bass drop helped to inspire the creative experiments in the video directed by Bob Parrington, whose work you may recognize in the OK GO's "The Writing is On the Wall".

In a conversation with The Creative Project, Parrington discusses how sound has the ability to create incredible art:

"The bass drop is the most creatively expressive part of dance music and we wanted to see what we could make with it...[S]o the idea of trying to create a visual that can capture a similar feeling, that has been the challenge.”

The track itself, "Transmission" is a heavy-hitting drum n bass track with all the trimming that pumps bass through speakers that generate the experiments seen in the video.

Parrington briefly discusses the driving force in the experiments:

“Some of the experiments work on sound waves/pressure and some of the experiments were driven by the movement of the speaker cone,”

If this video doesn't get you jacked up, we're not sure what will. Check it out below!

H/T: The Creators Project

Photos courtesy of the artists