While Apple releases the new iPhone 7 without a headphone jack, these music nerd dream up the ultimate phone for music fans.

SINCE APPLE’S INTRODUCTION of the iPhone nearly a decade ago, smartphone design has essentially remained a constant. Change might be nigh, however.

Manufacturers are experimenting with modular designs that could drastically expand our phones’ capabilities. While Google’s high-profile Project Ara modular phone seemed to inch close to reality before seemingly evaporating in early September, the expandable Moto-Z is still in the works from Motorola, and the Finnish Puzzlephone remains on the horizon. LG’s semi-modular $500-plus G5 is now shipping.

At the same time, while Apple dismantles the headphone jack, a generation of musicians and audio-minded fans will perhaps be seeking new phones friendlier to their input and output needs, not to mention more flexibility with recording and listening to high-quality audio files.

With the phones of the future on the horizon, we asked a number of hardcore music fans and writers to disregard current limits of hardware, software, and copyright, and envision the ultimate device that a musician or serious fan might want. Imagined as a tangible object, it perhaps resembles something like a modular edition of the popular Zoom recorder, except with a smartphone touchscreen interface, perhaps crossed with the Homer. In other words, big and thick and not all that pretty.


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