EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis Needs Your Help to Host Saturday Night Live #DillonOnSNL

Close your eyes and imagine Dillon Francis delivering one of his tear-jerking comedic sketches, but this time yelling...

"Live from New York, It's Saturday Niiiiiiight!"

This image of Dillon Francis on the NBC Studio 8H stage is better than a #deadmau5Roast, especially because it's not entirely impossible.

"We have a great show for you tonight. Hardwell AND Gerald are here!"

After Saturday Night Live asked the internet to tweet their suggestions for next season's hosts, a flood of Dillon Francis votes started rolling in from fans, EDM kingpins and even Sony Music.

#DillonOnSNL will likely be trending - at least within the EDM community if not the whole music industry - by the end of the day.

EDM bigwigs Calvin Harris and Major Lazer quickly tweeted their support. Even Sony Music casted a vote for Dillon Francis!

There was no question. Dillon Francis... you got our vote!

Dillon Francis needs you. Tweet at NBC!