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Activists vow to set up pill testing centres at dance music festivals in Australia this summer


The fact that drug testing is being considered in Australia to help minimize the number of deaths at music festivals is a huge step towards more effective drug policies. These harm reduction centers not only identify the exact composition of drugs but offer safety advice and a safe place to dispose of substances without risk of persecution. One festival which implemented pill testing in the UK saw 25 percent of attendees actually dispose of their drugs after having them scraped by a laboratory technician. While drug testing is still a radical concept in many countries, these types of reports are what can slowly shift perceptions over time.

This article originally appeared on Daily Mail

- defying police threats of arrest 'because it saves lives'

• Pill-testing could be take place at Australian music festivals this summer
Advocated for the controversial measures are looking at trialling it
Executive Director of Unharm has set his sights on an event in the ACT
• Two festivals coming up in Canberra are Spilt Milk and Groovin The Moo

Pill testing could take place at Australian music festivals this year, with advocates for the controversial technique hoping to implement it at events in the coming months.

Executive director of Unharm, Will Tregoning, has flagged the possibility of erecting stations at events this summer, following a spate of overdoses last festival season.

Mr Tregoning said his organisation, which aims to allow illicit drug users to take substances in a safer way, is looking at trialling the technique at an event in the ACT...

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