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LISTEN: This DJ has mixed the sound of IBM data centres into music


Man meets machine as DJ Tim Exile creates music out of the authentic sounds from an IBM data center.

This article originally appeared on The Memo

We like to tell you what the future looks like, but have you ever considered what it sounds like?

One musician and technologist, Tim Shaw, has.

The DJ, who makes tracks under the name Tim Exile, has been mixing the ambient sounds of IBM data centres – and the result is like nothing you’ve heard before.

The sound of IBM Watson

Exile visited IBM data centres in Montpellier, France, and Beijing, China, for his ambitious new project.

(photo IBM)

This shows the DJ exploring vast rooms, flicking switches, banging giant servers, and recording the hum of cooling fans, before manipulating these into a mind-blowing pièce de résistance.

“Sticking my portable recorder right in one of the server cooling fans gave the perfect sound for building the bassline, melody and harmony,” Exile told The Memo.

“The door latches were awesome for hi-hat sounds and I got the big kick drum sounds from striking the front panels of the server cases with a big beater.”


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