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Chicago Native Chance the Rapper Makes History By Taking Tickets From Scalpers


Chance the Rapper stands up against ticket scalpers who want to profit off of his shows.

This article originally appeared on EDM Chicago

Chicago’s very own Chance the Rapper revoked tickets to his Magnificent Coloring Day concert from scalpers so fans could buy them at face-value fair prices.

With concert revenue far exceeding income from music sales, Chance the Rapper doesn’t stand to gain much from this move, except for the all-important favor and respect of his fans.

An all-day festival held at US Cellular Field, Magnificent Coloring Day is set for September 24, with Chance the Rapper being joined by hip hop, R&B, and rap artists. EDM will be represented by Skrillex.

Scalpers were selling the tickets for prices far exceeding the $45 and $75 Chance the Rapper posted them for on his website after taking them back. More than two thousand tickets were sent back to the rapper, including some lucrative floor seats. At just 23 years old, this shows business acumen, maturity, and consideration for his fans.

Taking to Twitter, Chance, born Chancellor Bennet, proudly described his move as “historic.”

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