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Ex-Prodigy member goes his own way


Sentinel reporter Pete Menting spoke with ex-Prodigy member Leeroy Thornhill about what he's been doing since he left the legendary electronic music group a decade ago.

This article originally appeared on The Sentinel

Marten Horger and Leeroy Thornhill make up Smash HiFi.

Fans of dance music owe a bit of gratitude for the current resurgence to The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk as well as Derrick May, Craftwerk and Masters At Work. Not to be over looked is The Prodigy. They masterfully threw punk and rock into the dance mix with "Firestarter," "Voodoo People," and "Breathe."

The Prodigy had quite the show with Liam Howlett, Keith Flint, Maxim and Leeroy Thornhill. The latter added some amazing dance moves that balanced out the rock.

Thornhill left The Prodigy over a decade ago and has been a globe-trotting DJ since. He also moved to Germany and formed a new group, Smash HiFi, with award-winning DJ/producer Marten Horger. Their album, "Order More Disorder," drops Sept. 23.

Prodigy fans who like "Music for the Jilted Generation" will find a lot to like but with a more dance-friendly sound.

I talked with Thornhill via Skype to find out more about Smash HiFi and what he's been up to since leaving The Prodigy.

Question: So when you left The Prodigy did you feel like it was just time to move on or did you want to do more DJing?

Answer: It was the end of the road for me really. It got to the point that they needed a dancer and I didn't want to dance...

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