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Mark Sherry on How Trance Is Cashing in on the EDM Bubble


Scottish DJ Mark Sherry makes an argument for why the EDM bubble has now resulted in a trance and techno resurgence in a new interview with Miami Times Reporter Elvis Anderson.

This article originally appeared on Miami New Times

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Local trance DJ and producer Denzo will open up for a stacked lineup this Friday at Space. So, naturally, we wanted to talk to him about it, but the conversation inevitably veered toward a grander look at dance music as a whole.

“We should burn the industry to the ground and start over,” Denzo told us. Clearly, he doesn't try and sugarcoat it. “We need more dark and underground parties.”

Denzo will open for Indecent Noise and Mark Sherry for a good ol’ fashioned trance party. Last month, Giuseppe Ottaviani played for the #TranceFamily at Heart. Is Miami experiencing a bit of a trance music revival?

Mark Sherry seems to think so. We spoke to the man himself before he makes his way to the 305, and his opinion on the industry is slightly more optimistic than his opener's. “The EDM bubble is bursting now, and the followers of that genre are looking for something else. They're either getting into trance or techno, so that's really great to see. I love electronic dance music, but I don’t like this EDM genre. I don't like it at all...

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