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EDM.com Spotlight

Kaskade Pens Open Letter on Sensationalism of Rave Death Reports

Ryan Raddon, better known as Kaskade, recently penned an open letter on the media's reporting of deaths and hospitalizations as a result of raves. Published to his website, the letter denounces those media publications that sensationalize drug-related deaths and hospitalizations at EDM events.

Some of these reports, he explains, make it sound like the "sky is falling because of raves." One publication even used the phrase "Summer of Deaths," when reporting about the cancelation of Hard Day of the Dead in Los Angeles.

There have been 21 confirm drug-related deaths at raves across the United States produced by Los Angeles-based companies in the last 10 years.

L.A. is one city (but not the only city) that has come under fire and has seen proposed bans and event cancelations due to substance-related deaths and hospitalizations.

As a sober artist, Kaskade has spoken against substance abuse. He continues to use his platform as a world-famous EDM producer to spread awareness of the dangers of drug consumption and to promote safety.

But in this letter, Kaskade took the opportunity to once again point to the media's role. The more media sensationalizes, the more EDM is painted in a negative light, and the harder it is to actually save lives.

When "Raves = deaths," he writes, the natural response is going to be to close raves down.

This will not solve the problem.

In fact, it is likely to make it worse, pushing EDM events underground where the environment can become more dangerous.

Fear-mongering media is just as perilous as a zero tolerance drug policy. And those media publications that stand on the body of dead ravers to pull headlines are equally at fault.

Every single life is precious. The EDM community needs to work as hard as it can to reduce the number of deaths through education and harm reduction methods. But what is also important to remember is that substance abuse is not a problem exclusive to EDM. It is a worldwide problem.

Read Kaskade's full letter here.