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EDM.com Spotlight

The 'Strobe' Remixes mau5100 EP Has Arrived [LISTEN]

The first part of the EP celebrating mau5trap's 100th release is here. mau5100 features five remixes (so far) of deadmau5's most iconic composition from some of the most talented acts in electronic music.

Featured on the first part of the EP are Feed Me, Com Truise, Dimension, Lane 8 and ATTLAS, who were all tapped as part of this special project to take on the classic deadmau5 tune and make it their own.

"Strobe represents a seminal piece of electronic music culture to me; an exercise in restraint and patience, and one of the best demonstrations of Joel's unique talent with melody. To me remixing was more of creating a homage rather than more aggressively stamping my sound on it as I might do with other tracks. Part of my process was to learn it on various instruments and incorporate them to try and get more of a feel for how it goes together in order to feel as connected as possible; hopefully this is translated in the result.” - Feed Me
“I always find it challenging to remix other’s instrumental music - I start most of my remixes with just acapella vocals. So when I was approached to remix the deadmau5 classic ‘Strobe’, I decided I would treat the lead synth melody as a sort of main vocal. Then all the pieces just seemed to come together organically as my own ‘Strobe’ came to life for the compilation. Glad to be a part of this.” - Com Truise
"It was quite an honor and a somewhat daunting to be asked to remix the iconic Strobe. My strategy with remixes is always to keep the best elements of the original and incorporate them into my own production world. That's exactly what I did with this remix and I'm really pleased with the results!" - Lane 8
"obviously you can't out-do strobe. the track is the stairway to heaven for an entire genre. instead, i wanted to build an homage to the melodies and memories that strobe gives me, and set those against a backdrop of a smaller reminder of my favourite times hearing this track out in venues around the world with people that mean a lot to me.” - Attlas

Each remix offers a unique interpretation and style that takes you on a sensational sonic journey. Take a listen to the first part of the EP below and be sure to comment with your favorite remix. Then, stay tuned for news and updates on part two, which will feature the legend himself - deadmau5.