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Muzo: The Gadget That Creates a Bubble of Silence Around You


Whether it's a baby crying on your early flight out of a festival, or if you neighbor plays really shitty big room, Muzo may be the answer for you. The gadget puts a mute button on life for those moments when noise isn't necessary.

This article originally appeared on Trax Mag

San Francisco start-up Celestial Tribe ltd is preparing to release one of the inventions of the year. Muzo is the first piece of “Anti-Vibration Technology and Noise Making Technology”.

In other words, it’s a device that allows you to filter sound, and even eliminate it altogether. A mute button, in short, which allows you to block out the noises around you. Your personal bubble of silence.

For DJs who are constantly red-lining, it might be the ideal gift for your neighbours who can’t take any more of the endless afters sessions

The little grey box can be used in three ways. Serenity mode removes the sound from the room you’re in, and allows you to enjoy some silence, or just watch a Netflix series and actually understand what’s happening without the subtitles. The second mode, Sleep, puts you into a relaxing acoustic atmosphere. Using the smartphone application, you can choose between 12 different sounds, from the blowing of the wind to the splashing of a river, by way of the crackling of a campfire. Nice.


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