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Anna Lunoe Dishes on OWSLA Debut, Beats 1 Radio Show & Historic EDC Gig


In honor of her new single "Radioactive,"Anna Lunoe talks with Billboard's Elias Leight about working with OWSLA, her landmark EDC performance and more.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

When Apple Music was setting up Beats 1 radio last year, the company recruited luminaries from multiple genres to run shows. This allowed Apple to show the extent to which it was supported in the music community, while the artists involved got a platform to display their tastes and push a sonic agenda.

When it came to dance music, one of the DJs Apple enlisted was Anna Lunoe. "It was one of those magical moments where it came to me, and I didn't have to audition or try out for something," she tells Billboard Dance. "Basically what I'm doing now for Beats 1, I did seven years for free in Australia for a community station every week. So this is a really cool culmination of years of prep work, and when the opportunity arose I was ready for it."

After a year of focusing heavily on the show and touring, Lunoe released a new single, "Radioactive," on Skrillex's OWSLA label on Wednesday (Sept. 15).

"For the first time ever, I'm ahead of the release cycle," she says. Next month, she embarks on her second Hyperhouse tour, which includes a wide variety of guests, including Nina Las Vegas, Uniiqu3, Sleepy Tom, and more. Billboard Dance caught up with Lunoe before her energetic set at Electric Zoo...

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