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House Has A Home.


This feature by Jay McCauley from Pulse Radio dives into the history of House music and how it became one of Chicago's finest exports.

This article originally appeared on Pulse Radio

“House music has a birthplace. It’s called Sauer’s on 23rd Street, South Side Chicago.”

So says Vince Lawrence, a man with as much right as any to have announced its successful delivery to the world, having released what is considered the first house track ever pressed on vinyl, ‘On and On’, with his good friend Jesse Saunders.

There have been so many questions asked about the origins of house music and the pioneering architects of its ever-evolving design. To this day, there is dispute over who were the first, the best, the most influential and the most skilful, with those that have achieved longevity usually getting the last word. But one fact shall always remain undisputed: the city of Chicago, and in particular the sound of the South Side urban sprawl, gave the world house music.

The Chicago DJs, producers and record labels - both famous and forgotten - that nurtured the flame of musical reinvention, are responsible for so much of what the dance music industry holds dear today; their influence should never be underestimated. For Chicago is to house what Detroit is to Motown - the production line of house hits that reached out to the entire world was generated by the sub-culture of the South Side, its core group of originators and innovators undeniably the most influential artists of their genre.


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