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UK Nightclub Visits Fall by a Quarter in Five Years


The UK may be falling out of love with clubbing. As clubs continue to close around London and revenue starts to slip, the UK's nightlife decline may be a symptom of the increase in festival events and club regulations.

Will the US see a similar trend?

This article originally appeared on The Guardian

Britain’s ravers are falling out of love with nightclubs, according to new research that shows the number of people walking through the doors of dedicated dance music venues has fallen 23% in five years.

As the nightclub industry reels from what insiders call an “ongoing war” by regulators, revenue fell by more than a fifth between 2010 and 2015, with Britons spending about £300m less in the sector than they did five years ago, analysts Mintel said.

Even though an estimated half of venues have closed within the past decade, dance music industry figures insisted the scene is in rude health, with people instead choosing all-day events in parks, raves in pop-up spaces and festivals for their weekly freakout.

Mintel found that the number of visits to nightclubs had fallen from 149m in 2010 to 115m in 2015, while nightclub revenues fell from £1.49bn to £1.18bn over the same period. It forecast a further 16% fall in spending by 2020 to just £982m.

The top three issues most likely to put clubbers off were the cost of entry (46%), expensive drinks (46%) and crowding (43%).


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