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By Joe Donnelly

How Virtual Reality Will Change the Music Scene


Virtual Reality may soon find its way into electronic music, bringing advancements that could change the way we party.

This article originally appeared on IGN

Most of you have probably noticed just how popular virtual reality is in the world of video games. But the promises posed by the latest wave of VR haven't stopped there

Live music is now leveraging the medium in order to transport would-be concert goers from the comfort of their homes to the front row of the stalls, and few genres have made such impressive gains as the electronic dance music scene.

YouVisit is a specialist studio that prides itself in merging “technology with creativity,” reaching over six million different users with its broad selection of VR offerings to date. It’s also identified the vast potential VR has in tandem with large festival experiences. At last year’s TomorrowWorld in Georgia, the studio partnered with international superstar DJ Armin Van Buuren to create The Armin Effect.

As its first dive into VR concert recordings, The Armin Effect offered viewers 360 degree movement from various camera angles during the world-renowned spinner’s set — from as far back as the peripheral campsite, all the way up to the DJ booth, and even smack bang behind the decks. At CES in January this year, YouVisit showcased the whole performance in 4D by setting users up in a chair that vibrated alongside the music. Although under wraps for now, the studio is said to be currently working with other artists and labels to deliver similar experiences.


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