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Preventing Audio Dropouts in Digital DJ Software


The dreaded silence. Nothing quite kills the vibe like an audio dropout in the middle of your set. Tom Hricik from DJ Tech Tools gives you several troubleshooting tips to keep the dance floor bumping.

This article originally appeared on DJ Tech Tools

When DJing, one of the worst things you can hear is sudden, unexpected silence. Audio dropouts with digital DJ gear happen all too easily. In today’s article, guest contributor Tenova shares a guide of common solutions to problems that cause most audio dropouts for DJs.

Audio Dropouts: A DJ’s Worst Nightmare

There are few worse things that could happen in a DJ set than an audio dropout.

Unfortunately, audio dropouts are far more common than one may think, and they equally impact Traktor and Serato users. Any DJ who has ever had a dropout happen during a set knows the agony that can result from dead silence in the club and the anxiety that can follow these incidents.

What’s more, often times these issues can be no fault of your own. Even the most resources and best prepared/supported DJs can have problems. Hell, even Tiesto has experienced audio dropouts before:

As unfortunate as these occurrences are, there’s almost always a logical explanation. Sound suddenly stopping is actually a symptom of a larger issue. The cause can almost always be diagnosed and addressed, and precautions can be taken to prevent them from happening.

This guide is by no means a comprehensive list of every issue that can possibly cause a dropout. Instead, it highlights the most common causes of one of the worst technical issues a DJ can face.

Did your DJ software crash, or did the audio simply stop?

There is an important distinction to be made here when diagnosing why your audio has dropped out in your DJ software of choice. Did the program quit entirely, or did the program stay open and the audio simply stop?

If the program itself has closed unexpectedly, it’s most likely a software-related, and you can skip ahead to the software causes section of this guide.


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