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Daft Punk, Lollapalooza, & Tags: Why The 2017 Tour Rumors Are (Probably) Nothing


Daft Punk touring again would be the news of the decade. While virtually everyone wants to see this infamous duo booked at an upcoming festival, more often than not recent touring rumors are just that: Rumors. Take a look at the latest 'leaked lineup' as Dance Music North West's Glen Sears traces the most recent rumors back to their origins to unveil their invalidity.

This article originally appeared on Dance Music North West

Give people a rumor spark and some kindling (especially about Daft Punk), and the internet will go berserk — even if there’s virtually nothing to go on. The latest case, revealed over the weekend, involves a Redditor who found a Daft Punk page on the Lollapalooza website. This Reddit find, following shortly after a leaked flyer and the Daft Punk/The Weeknd collab Starboy drop, has fueled rampant speculation Daft Punk will be touring in 2017.

DJ Mag, NME, Dancing Astronaut, YourEDM and many others have reported on the supposed preponderance of evidence supporting Daft Punk’s 2017 return. We want a Daft Punk tour too, but let’s be real about the implications. Daft Punk making music hasn’t ever guaranteed they will play live shows. Random Access Memories was released over 3 years ago (!) and nothing live has happened, apart from a few one-off performances.

First, the facts: 1) Reddit leaks a Lollapalooza Chile flyer with both Daft Punk and The Weeknd listed as headliners, 2) a Redditor finds that http://lollapalooza.com/tag/daft-punk is an active page, and has been since February 2016. On these two points alone the internet has gone alight with the “news” that Daft Punk will be making their triumphant once-every-ten-years return to touring...

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