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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen to Flume's New Single for the #KeepSydneyOpen Campaign

Lockout laws in Sydney were supposedly instated to combat alcohol-induced violence in popular nightlife districts like Kings Cross.

The lockout and last drink laws prohibit patrons from entering premises after 1:30am and require businesses to stop alcohol service at 3:00am.

What it really did was detrimentally deflate the nightlife scene, including those bars and venues that host live music.

A judge recently issued a report recommending the laws be relaxed for those facilities that offer live music as they have shown to have an "unquantifiable adverse impact on live entertainment, profits and employment opportunities in the Precincts."

The city has already lost several historic and key venues, which were forced to close after reporting significant revenue losses.

The #KeepSydneyOpen campaign is hoping to fight these laws by pointing to the fact that these venues not only provide jobs, but play an integral role in the city's culture, economy and tourism.

As a Sydney-born prominent electronic artist, Harley Streten, better known as Flume, joined the cause and showed his support by creating a song exclusively for the campaign.

Flume's single, entitled "Heater," was featured in a new ad, which also included appearances from other Australian artists like RUFUS DU SOL, Anna Lunoe, Hayden James, Alison Wonderland, Flight Facilities and more.