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EDM.com Spotlight

Berkeley's Amoeba Music Gets Approval for Medical Marijuana License

Amoeba Music is the titan of independent record stores, but it too has struggled to keep up with the quickly digitalizing market.

In a unprecedented move, Berkeley's Amoeba Music store has just been granted a license to become a medical marijuana dispensary.

California was one of the earliest supporters of marijuana prohibition when it wrote medical marijuana into law back in1996. Since then, the sale of medical and recreational marijuana nationwide has tipped the scale as a legal multi-billion dollar industry. With new businesses entering the marijuana economy everyday, Amoeba Music has thrown its hat into the ring of retail marijuana dispensaries.

In an effort to boost dwindling profits, Amoeba is partnering with California caregiver BC3, or Berkeley Compassionate Care to operate as a record store and marijuana dispensary simultaneously.

Amoeba Music has never been bashful about its pro-weed stance; the record store's San Francisco location also hosts on-site medical evaluations so visitors may obtain their medical marijuana cards.

H/T: Resident Advisor