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Watch Flying Lotus Play 'Skrillex' in Mr. Oizo's New Trailer [VIDEO]

Mr. Oizo unveiled a new trailer for his forthcoming album All Wet. The French producer and film director, whose real name is Quentin Dupieu, directed the video himself and tapped actors to impersonate some of the artists featured on the album.

Experimental electronic producer Flying Lotus plays the role of "Skrillex," while Linda Brent is "Peaches" and Dennis Depew is "Boys Noize." Of course, Mr. Oizo's puppet Flat Eric starred in the trailer, as well.

The video teases the tracks, "End of the World" (featuring Skrillex), "Freezing Out" (featuring Peaches), "Sea Horses" (featuring Tetanus), "Your Liver," "Hand in the Fire" (featuring Charli XCX), "Chairs" (featuring Mocky), "Ruhe" (featuring Boys Noize), and "No Tony" (featuring Phra).

Check out the trailer and album tracklisting below, and tell us what you think in the comments.

Mr. Oizo's sixth studio album, All West, will arrive September 30th on Ed Banger/Because.

All West Tracklist:

1. "OK Then" 2:02
2. "Sea Horses" (featuring Tetanus) 2:36
3. "Freezing Out" (featuring Peaches) 2:44
4. "Oiseaux" 1:15
5. "Ruhe" (featuring Boys Noize) 2:39
6. "No Tony" (featuring Phra) 1:28
7. "End of the World" (featuring Skrillex) 3:38
8. "The One You Buy" 1:13
9. "All Wet" (featuring Siriusmo) 3:11
10. "Chairs" (featuring Mocky) 2:32
11. "Your Liver" 2:04
12. "Hand in the Fire" (featuring Charli XCX) 3:11
13. "Low Ink" 2:02
14. "Goulag Drums" 2:42
15. "Useless"

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