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EDM.com Spotlight

Beatport Adds New Genres to Separate Commercial from The Underground

Beatport is updating a few of its features following the many loud requests from its users.

Feedback from Beatport users outlines that the music platform needs to have a more distinct genre system. In its current form, the genre tagging system doesn't adequately represent the track's sound. Meaning, future house gets mixed in with deep house, and big room is found where it definitely shouldn't be.

The new genre categories are set to launch on September 12th, and as reported by Resident Advisor, Beatport Senior Vice President Terry Weerasinghe says that the online music store will try to more clearly define EDM and underground tracks:

"Beatport serves DJs from both of these worlds...But it’s rare that a DJ wants to play both types of music. From now on each genre will only address one of these worlds."

This will help to serve music fans by eliminating fruitless search efforts by optimizing genre definitions, enabling fans to be able to search "deep house" and have it yield the correct results.

This will also help to serve smaller artists and labels by leveling the playing field. By introducing genre tags like "big room" and "future house", small labels will be able to chart higher in their correct genre.

To this Weerasinghe also comments:

"Labels like Suara, Drumcode, Soma and Ostgut Ton are all having fantastic years...But we’re hoping that this change also helps give exposure to more new and upcoming labels like Acido, Les Points and Whities."

This just made searching for that perfect track to add to your next mix so much easier.

H/T: Resident Advisor

Editor's note: Weerasinghe's title was originally reported as CEO.