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First Look — "Festival: A Documentary Film"


Festival: A Documentary Film explores why generations of music fans have been attracted to giant festivals, and what the over-saturation of music festivals means for music culture.

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Festivals have become a major part of the music scene, with a resurgence that has bordered on over-saturation. A recent study by Eventbrite showed that the festival game isn’t about appealing to just anyone, but rather the “Hardcore Festies.” In the new documentary titled “Festival,” filmmaker Michael Raspatello follows six of the “Hardcore Festie” types during North Coast Music Festival at Lincoln Park in Chicago to highlight the different ways these live music events affect a generation.

Jill, Travis, and Austin, three friends from Chicago, air out their struggles with addiction, physical disabilities and imprisonment. All three find solace in the festival and music scene. Also featured is Kenneth a hip hop enthusiast, Barbara a Dutch woman who recently moved to Chicago, and Tracy who is an avid believer in the communal aspects of festivals.

While the documentary focuses mainly on the six attendees and their reasons for returning year after year to these events, it also provides insight on the history of festivals. Beginning with a look at California’s Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, one of the first modern popular music festivals, and how baby boomers created a demand for large celebrations of culture. It covers festivals’ transitions from what was established in the sixties to traveling shows like Lilith Fair and Warped Tour to the resurgence of location-based festivals that have erupted into the saturated market we know today.


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