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What Will President Trump Mean for Music? Chuck D, David Crosby, Angie Martinez & Rapsody Weigh In


Adelle Platon and Dan Rys ask Chuck D, David Crospy, Angie Martinez and Rapsody their thoughts on the election of Donald Trump and how his administration will impact the country and the music industry.

This article originally appeared on Billboard

Donald Trump's ­election in November startled the largely liberal music industry, making it reckon with the prospect of an ­administration that contradicts many of its values. Billboard asked a group of industry ­players to discuss how they might best cope with a Trump presidency: Chuck D, 56, the firebrand leader of Public Enemy and member of the rap-rock supergroup Prophets of Rage; 75-year-old folk-rock icon David Crosby; WWPR (Power 105.1) DJ and New York radio fixture Angie Martinez, 45; and 28-year-old female Roc Nation ­rapper Rapsody.

What were your first thoughts when Trump was elected?

Chuck D: Anything is ­possible. I was more ­surprised when Trump beat out all those other Republicans. Hillary Clinton had as much going against her as Trump did, in different ways.

Rapsody: I know a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters didn't like Hillary, which I understand. But to me, it just felt like the wrong time to rebel.I live in North Carolina, and I know what it feels like to live in a state that has made so much progress, and then -- to get a [Republican] governor like Pat McCrory -- we lose so much.

David Crosby: The entire country is deeply dissatisfied with the complete gridlock of the two-party system, and a lot of people wanted to shake things up. And they just made a terrible mistake of who to do that with....

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