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EDM.com Spotlight

Trump Invited Moby to DJ an Inaugural Ball... This was Moby's Response

Moby took to his Instagram yesterday to share a funny story, so funny that he could barely stop laughing enough to type the words.

It appears that the President-Elect's team reached out to Moby's booking agent to invite him to DJ at one of Trump's inaugural balls. The irony is all too much and explains the number of 'haha's in Moby's post.

While Trump was celebrating his victory after Election Night, Moby was writing a heated open letter to America asking "What the fuck is wrong with you?" Not to mention Moby was anything but silent or indifferent when it came to pointing out Trump's political and ethical inadequacies through his campaign. He outwardly called Trump "psychotic and evil" and was quoted in an interview saying that Trump would make "the absolute worst president the United States has ever seen."

In a stroke of brilliance, Billboard reached out to Moby to ask the electronic music pioneer to put together a playlist of the songs he would play were he to accept the invitation. From Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" to Stop the Violence Movement's "Self Destruction," Moby's sarcasm and ruthlessness in this hypothetical playlist is too good.