EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

The Basslet is the World's First Watch-Size Wearable Subwoofer [WATCH]

The bass is what connects us physically to music, and it's the most interactive and engaging part of a concert. While most dance music fans are more than familiar with the ever-popular SubPac wearable subwoofer, there's a new technology in town that is taking this concept to the next level.

Created by Lofelt, The Basslet is the first-ever subwoofer technology that is worn just like a watch, allowing for ultimate portability. But don't let the size fool you; this masterpiece of engineering delivers a powerful, surround sound experience that can be felt all over, just like a large sound system at a club.

"What we want to do is bring this physical experience of music - the energy, the impact - that you get at a concert or club into the real world where you can have it anywhere and anytime you want," said founder and CEO Daniel Büttner.

From enhancing your music listening experience on-the-go to adding a deeper level of immersion to VR and gaming, the easy-to-use Basslet is designed for everyday life and could change the way we listen, produce and play.

With over 3,720 backers who have pledged €599,950 through a Kickstarter, The Basslet is now available for pre-order.