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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Marshmello Fall For Viral Star Lele Pons In New "Summer" Music Video

Marshmello is back this week to resurrect his 2015 single "Summer" with a fresh music video. Seasonal confusion aside, the "Summer" music video sees social media personality Lele Pons sharing the screen with the anonymous DJ for a heartwarming visual tie-in to the song.

In the new video, we can see that in addition to being one of the hottest DJs of the moment, Marshmello likes to spend his spare time working at a skate rink. Enter Lele Pons as the apple of his eye cutouts, who approaches the helmeted musician with an offer for a romantic rendezvous in the roller arena.

Like in the "Alone" music video, Marshmello has little trouble wooing female companions, but his domineering boss is another story. If the hero hopes to get the girl, he'll have to overcome some adversity (i.e. take out the trash) and perhaps teach his employer a thing or two about love along the way.

All in all, the "Summer" video serves as a fitting visual narrative for the melodic future bass tune, and its sentimental approach to puppy love is sure to warm up your winter woes. Check it out below.