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EDM.com Spotlight

Tomorrowland Reveals Official Theme for 2017 Flagship Event

Tomorrowland is throwing the hype machine into overdrive for their upcoming event this summer with the reveal of this year's theme. Each year the festival unveils a theme that serves as an undertone for that particular outing, with previous entries like "The Secret Kingdom Of Melodia" and "The Elixir Of Life." Tomorrowland 2017 will arrive with an equally mystical sounding theme..."Amicorum Spectaculum."

Taking to Facebook to announce the new theme, Tomorrowland shared a poster earlier in the week that outlines what we can expect this year. In the image we can see a carnival theme emerging, complete with ferris wheels, circus tents and trapeze artists.

Despite sounding like a spell from a Harry Potter movie, Amicorum Spectaculum is actually rooted in Latin. Amicorum translates to "friends," while spectaculum implies a spectacle, which would certainly be in line with the festival's previous outings.

It's been an impressive week of festival reveals to say the least, with Shaky Beats, Bonnaroo and Middlelands all dropping some seriously impressive lineups, and the new theme reveal is just the cherry to top it all off. Tomorrowland 2017 is slated to extend across two weekends and will run July 21-23 and July 28-30.

Check out the poster below to get a feel for the new theme.