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EDM.com Spotlight

Breakout Producer Gryffin Talks Collabs, Songwriting & More [INTERVIEW]

I had the chance to catch up with breakthrough producer Dan Griffith aka Gryffin ahead of his headlining performance at the Corona Electric Beach event in Miami, Florida tomorrow. This young DJ was thrusted into the world of fame with his ever-popular remixes of songs like Tove Lo’s "Talking Body," Maroon 5’s "Animals," and Years & Years' "Desire."

Growing up playing multiple instruments, Griffith never knew that playing in bands and at college parties while attending the University of Southern California would take him this far. But thanks to this music background, Griffith is able to set himself apart in today's electronic music landscape by performing with live instruments. The live show is what Griffith finds most fulfilling; it's the heart and soul and true essence of his work, he says.

Griffith made his world debut at the 2016 SnowGlobe Music Festival and since then has only been growing exponentially. Today, he heads to Miami to take on the Electric Beach with a party lasting from 3 to 8 PM.

Check out our conversation with the talented artist below to learn what Dan Griffith aka Gryffin is all about. Those in the South Florida area should make sure to stop by for this free DJ set on Miami beach. RSVP here!

At what moment in your life did you know that you were meant to produce music?

I don't know if there was even a moment in my life where I had a realization, but all my life I've been playing instruments and music has been a huge part of my life. When my remix of Ellie Goulding's "Burn" started getting a lot of blog support and plays on Soundcloud that was a moment where I did realize that maybe I could make this a career choice.

What should fans expect to see from you in the upcoming year? Any big projects lined up? Maybe a new tour?

Yes to both! I'm planning to release a lot of new music this year. An EP along with some remixes! I'll be playing a lot of festivals this summer, and will announce another tour in the coming months.

How did you get connected with Bipolar Sunshine for your single “Whole Heart”? What was it like working with him?

I first got connected with Bipolar Sunshine when he asked me to remix his single "Daydreamer." From that moment we agreed to try and work together on a song, but the right opportunity didn't come up until "Whole Heart." I had begun the idea for the song, and pitched him the idea and he immediately was into it. He cut the vocals in London that weekend and I finished the song shortly after. It's been great getting to work with Adio. He's super talented and has such good positive energy. It's refreshing.

What is your songwriting process like? How do you decide which vocals and lyrics you would like to feature in each song?

The process is always different. But I'm definitely an artist that pays attention to the melody and beat first and lyrics second so my emphasis in the beginning is usually around the chords, top line melody and then focusing on the lyrics. When looking for vocalists and features I really try to find artists that have a uniqueness or special quality to them. I tend to look for more indie-leaning artists as well.

What was your most memorable moment about your first tour, Whole Heart Live Tour?

Being able to sellout my hometown venue The Regency in San Francisco was pretty amazing. I saw so many shows there as a kid and to be able to go back there and sell it out myself was incredible.

What has been the craziest thing to happen on stage during one of your performances?

I've only been touring for a year so I don't really have any crazy stories of performances, but some highlights have been bringing Josef Salvat and Bipolar Sunshine over from London to sing the songs with me.

Your music has been described as soulful and emotional by many listeners. Where do you find this inspiration and how do you translate it into your sound?

I love that! I just think think that those qualities come about through my use of real instrumentation to give the songs a more organic feel. Also, when I work on music, if it's not moving me emotionally I don't feel like I should be putting it out. It has to strike a chord within me enough that I want to finish and see the track through.

If you could open up for any artist, who would it be?

Wow, that's a tough one. The inner classic rock fan in me would have to say Led Zeppelin.

You're headlining the Corona Electric Beach in Miami in just a few days? Have you ever performed in Miami? What are you most excited for?

Yes! I'm super excited about it, it should be a really fun time. I performed in Miami last March for Ultra which was awesome, but this is my first time back since then. I'm looking forward to the energy that Miami brings, and to be in some nice weather!

And finally, is your set at Corona Electric Beach going to be a live set similar to the Whole Heart Live Tour or should fans expect a twist for this day party on South Beach?

It's going to be a DJ set which is different from the live show of the Whole Heart tour. So it will be quite different from the tour but it will certainly be a lot of fun and hype!

Cover photo via facebook.com/gryffinofficial/photos