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Pegboard Nerds Show their Boundless Nature in New EP [LISTEN]

The loyal #NerdNation has good reason to celebrate today as 8 bit overlords Pegboard Nerds come forth with perhaps their greatest offering yet. This veteran duo has continued to maintain the widespread loyalty of their worldwide fanbase while still managing to tread on the cutting edge. Their new EP, Nerds By Nature is out today, and we're happy to say there's perhaps no better time to be a fan, as this EP truly has something to offer everyone.

In our recent interview with Alex and Michael, the duo emphasized adaptability as being the key trait they embrace that continues to push them to the top of their game. This is evident in many different ways across all six tracks of the new Nerds by Nature EP, as the guys criss-cross stylistically between genres and across the sonic spectrum with ease.

Stand out singles "Blackout," "Melodymania," and "BAMF" dominated in 2016 and the contrast between these three great records alone is quite impressive. Additionally, Nerds by Nature showcases three new cuts. The opener "Speed of Light," is an intricately textured opener that captivates throughout. Meanwhile, "Talk About It" has the Nerds dabbling in full future bass mode. Although future bass may be the hot genre of the moment, "Talk About It" never feels forced, bearing the familiar elements of the Pegboard Nerds sound.

Finally, "Go Berserk," a collaboration with Quiet Disorder, brings the focus back to familiarity in this no holds barred dubstep track, a homage to the sound that put the Nerds on the map. Regarding their inspiration for "Go Berserk," the Nerds had this to say:

"This track came to be when Quiet Disorder was hanging out in the studio and we were working on a different song together (which will still see a release eventually). And again, at the end of that session we were kind of just playing around with sounds, and before we knew it we had a new song. We went through two or three drop ideas before we settled on the final one, which was a bit of a process. All in all it’s a fun track, meant for people to go nuts to and it has worked really well when playing out. Quiet Disorder has a ton of cool stuff in the works and we’re definitely working on more tracks with these guys."

If this EP is any indication, Pegboard Nerds don't intend to stop experimenting, reinventing, and showcasing their incredible versatility any time soon. Discover the boundless nature of this dynamic duo and grab your copy of the Nerds by Nature EP today, out now via Monstercat, HERE!