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Watch RL Grime Drop A Fresh "Starboy" Edit At Lights All Night

Of all the events that went down over New Year's Eve, the Dallas edition of Lights All Night was among the most noteworthy. The festival featured headlining performances from deadmau5, Nero and RL Grime, the latter of which dropped a solid edit of The Weeknd's recent Daft Punk collaboration "Starboy."

A YouTube user has uploaded footage of RL Grime's full NYE set for our viewing pleasure, giving us our first taste of his "Starboy" edit. The remix kicks off with The Weeknd's familiar vocal hooks from the original tune, running through a full verse before transitioning into an ominous buildup. From there the DJ mixes in Vincent's "Alpha" for a powerful trap drop, driven by buzzing synth riffs, pounding sub bass and teeth rattling percussion.

RL Grime has taken on The Weeknd before, having dropped a celebrated remix for "The Hills" back in 2015, and his interpretation of the pop singer's hit with Daft Punk is equally enthralling. There's no word on whether or not a high quality version will surface at some point, but fans would no doubt be thrilled to hear the finished product.

Check out RL Grime's "Starboy" edit below, starting around the seven minute mark.

H/T: EDM Chicago