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EDM.com Spotlight

Slushii Offers Up Dance Dance Revolution Nostalgia WIth New Remix

Slushii is offering up a hefty dose of nostalgia this week with his latest remix. Taking to his archival SoundCloud channel, the producer has shared his own version of Sarina Paris' dance-pop classic "Look At Us," which was notably featured in Konami's iconic rhythm based video game Dance Dance Revolution.

Slushii kicks the remix off with Sarina Paris' unaltered vocals, before layering in the retro synths and drum samples from the original song. After a quick build up, the producer takes the material into uncharted territory, crafting a future bass drop with stop-start rhythms, soaring melodies and lush chords. From there he works up the energy as he introduces crunchy synths and bubbly bass wubs.

Though Slushii rose to prominence over the last year with his chilly sound design and penchant for emotive melodies, his archival channel offers up another side of the versatile musician and his latest upload continues this trend. His "Look At Us" rework strikes the right balance between preserving the old school vibes of the original, while injecting plenty of modern variation to keep things fresh for the EDM crowds.

Check out the new remix below.