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A-Trak picks his top three remixes


Ahead of his show in Toronto, A-Trak talks with reporter Benjamin Boles about and names his two three remixes from his recent compilation box set In The Loop: A Decade Of ­Remixes.

This article originally appeared on Now Toronto

Kenneth Cappello

The Montreal DJ/producer's In The Loop box-set chronicles the journey from blog-house to EDM

A-TRAK at Rebel (11 Polson), Saturday (January 21), doors 7 pm. $20. ­ticketmaster.ca.

A-Trak has compiled a new box set called In The Loop: A Decade Of ­Remixes, which looks back at the Montreal-raised DJ/producer’s musical evolution since the early days of his Fool’s Gold record label. The compilation is also an intriguing snapshot of how the DIY bloghouse era of the mid-00s eventually shifted into the mainstream EDM boom.

“Part of what’s interesting to me about this compilation is that it starts at a time before EDM existed,” A-Trak explains from his Los Angeles home. “It starts at a point when electronic music was tied to the indie scene more than anything else.

“If you go back to 2006, the major labels were crumbling from the effects of the download age, and there was a lot of cross-pollination between adjacent genres. Indie bands got into electronic music, and electronic music then started having more musical elements like guitar riffs, bass lines and distorted sounds.

“Producers who came from a hip-hop background started getting into a more uptempo, club-focused approach to production. A lot of the experimentation that happened in those years laid the groundwork for the explosion of electronic music a few years later that came to be known as EDM....

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