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EDM.com Spotlight

Autograf Sends Off President Obama in Style with Tribute Song "Changes"

Following Barack Obama's final public address on Tuesday, Autograf seized the opportunity to send the president off in style with a new tribute song. Dubbed "Changes," the trio's latest production is crafted around a Tupac sample from the late rapper's song of the same name, serving as a thematic tie-in to Obama's status as the first Black president of the US.

"Changes" ranks as a downtempo offering, kicking off with subdued hip hop rhythms set against a somber electric piano progression. The drums drop out shortly to make way for an ethereal breakdown with cascading bass and layered vocal samples, before Autograf push the track forward into a sublime trap section complete with booming 808 beats, rhythmic synths and haunting melodies.

Autograf's new tune arrives as a suitable tribute to Barack Obama's two term presidency, sampling Tupac's 1998 song "Changes," which famously declared that "we ain't ready to see a black president." Of course, the track title also alludes to Obama's 2008 campaign slogan "Change," symbolically connecting the Tupac sample into the song.

Regardless of your feelings towards Obama's presidency, one thing's for certain: politics have never sounded this cool. Take a listen to "Changes" below, and head here for a free download.