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5 Bass/Deep House Artists That Should Be On Your Radar


In an EDM Chicago feature, Kimberlyanne Tan counts off five bass and deep house artists that are worth keeping an eye on. Check out what Tan has to say about these burgeoning acts and hear some tunes in the full article over at EDMChicago.com

This article originally appeared on EDM Chicago

With the rise of trap, dubstep, and future bass in America, it’s easy to forget that house music is still around. I’ve spoken to people who struggle to enjoy house music because the bass is “not heavy enough” or its consistent tempo too monotonous. Here are five bass/deep house producers that will change their minds (and blow your bass out).


It might be a little frightening to see someone covered in a ski mask, but MALAA rocks that look better than anyone else. French producer, MALAA, began releasing tracks in 2015. There’s speculation that MALAA is a group project by DJ Snake, Tchami, and Mercer; but no one is exactly sure who it is. All we know for sure is that each track is monstrous and has a heavy bass concentration...

... Read the full article and list by KIMBERLYANNE TAN at edmchicago.com/2016/11/16/5-house-artists-t...

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