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Virtual Riot Is Ushering in the New Sound of Dubstep


For a feature on Insomniac.com, Alexander Dias talks with Virtual Riot about everything from his controversial release of his preset packs to his background playing piano and his former love affair with trance.

This article originally appeared on Insomniac

A duality has arisen from the ubiquitous availability of music creation tools. On one hand, never before has a person’s dream to become a working musician been more achievable. Yet, in a scene that puts so much emphasis on creativity, dance music has become arguably more uniform in terms of composition and sound design. Virtual Riot is here to shake up the norm and bring new credibility and attention to the most technical segment of music production: sound design.

He’s demonstrated the ability to break down even the most complicated sounds and offered them up to the masses via his genre-defining sample packs. All of this is done in the hopes that producers will be inspired to do as he has and dive further into the world of sound design to discover their own unique sound.

When Virtual Riot was just getting his start as a producer, these packs served as a way to legitimize his own music, which is full of the most coveted displays of mind-bending synthesis reserved exclusively for his own personal collection. His music is shaping the face of bass music and inspiring a new generation of producers to step as far out of the box as possible...

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