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EDM.com Spotlight

Berlin's EDM Scene Is Now The Subject Of A Musical TV Series

Following in the footsteps of films like We Are Your Friends and Netflix's XOXO, a new TV series titled Lost Generation is the latest attempt at translating the EDM boom into a narrative for the screen. Presented by New Form Digital and Go90, the series debuted last week with its first two episodes.

Lost Generation stars Canadian actress Katie Findlay of The Killing Fame, and follows her character Cooper to Berlin as she tries to locate a missing friend. The series will feature Berlin's EDM and nightlife scene as a backdrop, with each episode running around twelve minutes.

The trailer for the series centers around Cooper and a group of artists trying to make it big in Berlin's dance music scene, while the usual distractions like drugs, romance and betrayal complicate their journey.

Previous attempts at merging EDM and drama have failed to resonate with audiences, but with its focus on struggling artists as well as the musical angle, Lost Generation may manage to strike a chord with viewers.

Check out the trailer for Lost Generation below, and tune in each Friday for a new episode here.

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