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Writer Jemayel Khawaja reflects on the most recent tragedy to strike the dance music community. While safety concerns can never be over emphasized, Khawaja warns about the dangers of associating dance music directly with violence and death.

This article originally appeared on Pulse Radio

In warehouses, at nightclubs, on festival fields, the body count rises. Despite the best intentions of coming together in the name of love and music, it seems that electronic music culture is besieged by death.

In only the past few months: A lone gunman mows down a whole nightclub dancefloor in Orlando during a psychotic act of hatred. In Turkey, religious fundamentalists attack a club to frighten the populus into submission. In Oakland, poor structural planning turns a warehouse party into an inferno. And in Mexico, gang turf wars spill over into the beaches with dancing tourists in the crossfire. All the while, deaths at festivals (drug-related or otherwise) continue to tick over, and our beloved institutions around the world face attack from governmental and capitalist forces. Things looks pretty bleak for dance music culture right now.

Solomun performs at the Blue Parrot, BPM Festival 2015.

As the dust settles in Playa Del Carmen, it’s becoming clearer what left five dead and fifteen injured—cartel-related violence. Official channels are yet to corroborate this, but many eyewitness accounts state suspicions of gang-related activity as gunmen stormed the entrance to the Blue Parrot nightclub and opened fire. It was an act meant to instill fear in the hearts of tourists and the observing world, a statement that the uneasy balance of power between drug cartels, the tourism industry, and the Mexican government is making another shift...

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