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Playing techno beats to test tube babies could make them bigger


No this is not an onion report. New studies show techno beats positively impact the growth of test tube eggs into embryos. Don't take our word for it. Check out one of the reports below!

This article originally appeared on Independent

A baby listens to music through headphones Getty Images/iStockphoto

Expect to see a bunch of scientists clutching test tubes at a rave near you

Scientists have found that a pulsing techno beat could be the missing ingredient that helps test tube babies grow.

An experiment at the Altra-vita IVF clinic in Moscow showed that playing 24-hour techno to eggs in test tubes not only helped them to become more fertilised, but also increased the number of viable embryos by around a fifth, The Times reports.

According to findings presented at Fertility 2017, a conference held in Edinburgh, the 'techno eggs' were slightly more likely to grow into embryos and a lot more likely to develop at the point where they could be implanted in the womb...

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